Should the wooden floor be oiled, waxed or varnished?

Wood is regular, warm and comfortable, yet it is critical to recollect that we utilize the floor consistently. Dust structures on the floor, and in the event that there are kids and pets in the family, a decent portion of sand and little stones are too “put away” in the room. The floor should endure the heap of purpose, and
assuming you pick the right getting done and care item, the floor will endure delightfully for quite a long time.

The stain gives the floor areas of strength for a layer, the põranda õlitamine draws out the normal magnificence of the wood, the wax safeguards the wood. Yet, not just that — these completing items have more properties, and while introducing another floor or reestablishing an old one, it would be great to know which one is ideal for your floor.

Põranda tolmuvaba lihvimine ja vastupidavaks õlitamine -

Benefits and burdens of lacquered floor

The stain frames a wear-safe film as a surface layer on the floor, which safeguards the floor against scratching. In any case, it is as yet not so hard as to be totally scratch-safe. The level of scratch obstruction relies upon the sort of stain and furthermore on the quantity of applied layers.

The stained surface begins to break down slowly in the wake of staining, on the grounds that as a covering top layer, the stain is still very slight and can wear out to the degree that soil can arrive at the wood in open regions. Then, at that point, it is now important to re-sand and stain the whole floor. On account of veneer, hence, a bigger endeavor should be viewed as years after the fact. Support painting is done each 3-5 years.

The stain surface additionally needs support, and by utilizing stain care items, its maturing can be altogether forestalled. Great stain is helpful: you apply it once and everyday support is simple — it just should be washed with a clammy material. Incidentally, the polish layer itself can likewise be shielded from soil with an exceptional cleaning specialist.

Clean water, as well as unbiased or feebly soluble (pH

There are unique instruments for refreshing and keeping up with the stained floor, which safeguard the stain layer and give the floor another sparkle.

In the event that there are little kids or a pet in the family you actually need a floor with an ideal appearance, then, at that point, stain is likely not the most ideal decision. Then again, the “hints of life” on the floor can be very adorable.

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