Whack Your Boss – Free Online Game to Release Your Anger in a Funny Way

Have you ever been frustrated with your boss? Have you ever wanted to beat him out for the sake of sanity? Now you have a perfect chance to do just that without harming วิธีแทงบอล any real people in the painfully addictive and funny free online game – Whack Your Boss.

WARNING: The game contains violent content.

The game starts out with oh-so-familiar office atmosphere – your boss comes in and starts talking the usual rubbish. However, unlike in the real life, in Whack Your Boss you can release your anger by choosing any object in the office and killing your boss with it. There are a total of 17 ways to do so! The game’s genre is somewhat close to hidden objects games, although not exactly. You have to figure out which objects you can use to complete your goal. On the other hand, since no other interaction with the game is required, the game can be viewed as interactive story.

All 17 ways to whack your boss are very creative, so you’ve got to try every single way, to achieve every possible ending to fully enjoy the game! Move your mouse around the screen, and when the object mouse is pointing to can be used to whack your boss, it will be highlighted. Clean everything after each attempt by pressing the “Clean” button, and start again with a different way to whack the boss to earn the score.

The game’s graphics are cartoon-ish to further distinguish the game from the reality. Still it’s very fun to watch all these creative animations in a black-and-white cartoon graphics. The sounds and voices are also very fun to hear. For instance, one of the ways is played out mostly with just the sounds, with both characters hidden by the wall, and just the sounds alone are so hilarious, you probably won’t even notice that there is mostly no action on the screen. Also, I can recommend you to hear everything the boss has to say – what he is talking about is also fun by itself. It’s a pity, the voice stops after sometime suggesting you to take action.

If you can’t find all the possible ways to win the game, here are the tips to all 17 ways to win Whack Your Boss: watch for the wall; the water machine in the corridor; the pencil in your boss hand; your own hands; your chair; briefcase; desk box; mug; scissors; keyboard; monitor; ruler; stapler; trash can; umbrella; cabinet’s door near the roof; peg hook (the one on the wall, where the coat hangs on).

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